About artist

About artist

Vladimir Kalinin

Born in 1966 in Izhevsk.

Professional artist, professional designer.

Some tens of the artist’s pictures are in private collections in Russia, Italy, Germany, France and the USA.

The artist’s pictures are full of associative images and symbols with multilevel and deep sense. The basic theme of all pictures is the relations between Personality and Universe. This metaphysical and eternal theme is the basic of all Religions, philosophic and moral doctrines. The theme is the keystone of all mankind’s  searches, launches and fails. It is the sense of mankind’s existence.

All great thinkers emphasized the meaning of this question irrespective of their own beliefs and confessions. And everyone has to think about this question sooner or later to realize himself as a part of the Great Whole.

In every  picture of the artist  the considerate spectator can find images and symbols, opening the essence, giving the pretext to measured thinking. Not only about the essence of the picture, but about his own life and conceptions.   

The underlying sense of the pictures opens gradually, layer by layer, year by year, every time turning with a new side. Skilled spectator can see composite interlacing of hidden symbols, sometimes turning the first impression into completely new, often paradoxical content. The spectator can feel the power and strength in the simple images of eternal ancient archetypes. Everybody sees his own reflection in the pictures. Everyone can become its co-author. The real value of the pictures is the possibility to open hidden capabilities of the spectator. Without its spectators every picture, even masterpiece, means nothing. Only spectator fills it with his own content, with his own world-view. A kind man will see in the pictures kindness, a thinker – deep psychologism, multi sence interpritation and delicate relations with basics of philosophy. A mystic man would see complicated sacral meanings. A happy man – pleasure of life. A sad man – melancholy and light hope. Everybody sees only what is inside his mind. And... a little bit more...

The main purpose of the author is to stop a man in his endless race and give him some time to think about the basics of the Universe. Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I going? What is my aim? And thinking about it – run forward, but being already a little bit different. To wake up internal processes touching external perception. To feel being a part of the great performance in ordinary day life. Those are the aims.

Enter. No doubts. It's not just the artist's world. This is a mirror.

Peace to you.